The course to get you owning the Body you're in right NOW ...

Not another "if I just..." or "when I..." then "I'll feel..."

or "then I'll do xyz or wear xyz"

Hey Bebeh ...

You've crash dieted, detoxed, done all the newest ways to loose "the enemy" ...

You think, Once I loose a few extra kgs THEN I will feel good about myself ...

If i just toned up a bit THEN I would wear the bikini ...

When I just change this one thing {insert your fav reason} THEN I will feel comfortable to put myself out there, go on dates, launch my buiz ...

Sound Familiar?!

The constant shaming and guilting yourself into "being good" dont eat carbs, work out everyday...

The beating yourself up for not having the self control ...

Or even those periods where you were being "good" still not feeling like it was "good enough", having that feeling, that voice in your head, stressing about how you look, the food you eat, how you look, what other people think of you, that crippling comparison...

Hows THAT mentality been going for you??

Has it done anything for your confidence EVER?!

Did it do the magic trick of suddenly boosting self esteem and THEN you were suddenly a beaming ray of confidence shining bright for all to see, getting out there and making your life happen?!

Well if your like the hundreds of women Ive worked with thats a sigh of erghhhh noooooo, nupppp, yeaahhhnaaaa ...

What if it could be different for you?

Seems like it may not be an outside job at all!

What if it was a inside job?

What if it started with with how you think and feel about yourself?

Are you curious about how it could be to ACTUALLY feel CONFIDENT in your body right now ?

Without having to loose a thing.. (except maybe the negative bitch in your head)

Are you ready to shake what your mumma gave you ... be the first one on the dance floor letting loose because you truly dont give a damn what anyone else thinks (because you deeply LOVE and ACCEPT yourself)

Are you ready to make love with the lights on being seen as the real raw Queen that you are, proud to seen in your humaness?

Then you are going to love Body Bang Bang.

Using the worlds most effective results driven techniques, You will go deep to change, release and rewire thoughts and beliefs aka the bitch in your head.

To get you truly ..

Feelin Bangin in your Body NOW!

Do you want this?




Discover your disempowering beliefs that have been sabotaging your experience and success.

Save yourself YEARS of going forward 2 steps and 3 back.

by creating and installing beliefs in your subconscious that truly believe your good enough, worthy, beautiful they way you are... NOW.




Dressing the way you want

Choosing YOU

Instead of listening to that doubtful voice in your head

Fully jumping into life and joyfully creating the experiences you want!




Moving through emotional eating guilt / beat up cycle

Break through negative food addictions

Redefine your relationship with what comes into your body

Creating peace and space for yourself.




The ultimate step in healing.

Powerful Healing Rituals and Practices.

Letting go of your past so that you can create a different future.

Hi, I’m Teddi Emerald

I show amazing free spirited woman struggling with lack of confidence, fear of what others think, crippling self doubt who are missing out on lifes opportunities how to shine bright, freely express themselves, joyfully creating the life they desire!

I am a Womens Empowerment Healer using powerful methods such as EFT , Matrix Energetics, NLP, Hypnosis and Iridology to combine both physical and quantum forms of healing, using both ancient and modern philosophies and teachings to bring about powerful transformation.

Facilitating Retreats with Sally Mustang, Workshops at Festivals, and Seminars all over the world, as well as Online Group + Personal programs.

Choose a Pricing Option

Healing Sessions
Healing Sessions

Powerful LIVE EFT & Matrix ReImprinting Healing Sessions, that are recorded for you to do again and again.

VALUE $1000


Private exclusive Facebook group to connect with other incredible women and be supported.

VALUE $200

Healing Bonuses

Powerful prerecorded EFT + Hypnosis sessions to use unlimited.

Value $300

$1500 Value

Investment $497

Feb 14th - Mar 21st 2024


Bella Laifoo

I have been trying to think of ways to translate how different my life has been since doing your tapping course. When I reached out for your guidance, there was no way I was expecting the results to be this drastic!! I literally just thought I had more potential academically and wanted to get rid of my brain fog - but there were so many areas of my life that needed improving that I couldn't even see. It's funny when you first mentioned the confidence course you invited me to, I thought to myself "I don't really need this, I am confident", and now that I reflect on it, this could not have been further from the truth! I was confident playing the role of a completely different person, a person who people pleased, sought out instant validation, was afraid to speak out, to take up space and tied my worth to external achievements. Now, a year later, I have never felt more myself! I am uncovering layers and layers of myself, sorting through who I am and who I became for others/society. It is sad at times when I see old friends who are still stuck in the same mindset that I was (worrying about weight/what others think of them/how they're not enough etc), I want to scream at them that they need to invest in themselves because it feels suffocating even being around people who have the limiting beliefs that I used to have. The old me would've tried to play the hero role so that I felt needed, but now that I feel enough I simply lead by example, and in leading by my example a lot of people have fallen out of my life. Which is completely fine! because the people in my life right now make me feel fucking great! not going to lie, I am still definitely working through my beliefs around money, but I am hopeful because I know I have the tools to try and create a better relationship with it. 

My heart is filled with so much gratitude when I think of your influence in my life and how pivotal that course was. I will never stop investing in my personal development and self growth. Thank you for being such a great teacher and example, you are truly inspiring. 

-Bella Laifoo (Student)

Jodie Ross

Woweee, I got what I hoped for and so much more!!!!!

When I signed up for Body Bang Bang with Teddi, I hoped to be able to feel more comfortable being me and lift the veil on what has been holding me back.

Well sister, I got that and so much incredible value more.

This course has been the BEST personal development course I have ever done in terms of finding those deep old wounds that I needed to feel to heal to truly love me. But also, so fun and light and filled with things that just made me feel good.

I found that I have been unconsciously measuring my worth and my beauty based on the opinions involved in my past hurts. Teddi has taught me how to become aware of this, give myself what I need and come out of my hidey hole that felt safe. How liberating.

It was an investment of my time, my money, my energy, but oh my goodness, it has been the most valuable and worthwhile spend. At times it was raw, I cried a lot, and at times it was really fun, I smiled and laughed a lot too, and the whole time, no matter what, I felt safe and supported by Teddi and this beautiful community of women here for their own journey.

Thank you Teddi Emerald, you beautiful sparkling, love filled light, I am so grateful for you and I recommend you and what you offer to every woman who wants to feel free living as the beautiful woman that they are.


With love and appreciation,

Jodie Ross - Meta Health Coach 

Your Here at the RIGHT TIME!!

This Banging life CHANGING course is about to be launched again LIVE for the first time since know what!

With SOOO many added extras this is going to be NEXT LEVEL

Teddi will only be running this LIVE for the first and last time this

Feb 14th - Mar 21st 2024

If you wanna have fun & change up your relationship with your bod NOW is the time ...

See you in there!